The following Delphi components are written by us, and are used in (some of) our programs.

For question about these components, please contact us at Components AT

All these components are freeware; sources are included.


 TMenuBar (download)

This component shows and takes care of a standard toolbar area, placed directly under the menu bar. After dropping a TMenuBar on a form, only the Menu property has to be set to get this thing going. It creates, fully automatic, a toolbutton for each TMenu in TMainMenu which has a TAction and an Image assigned to it. Settings are saved in a ini file upon exit.

TMenuBar is written and tested in Delphi 4


 TValueArea (download)

With TValueData and TValueArea you can easily display numerical output in numbers as wel as two types of graphs. The TValueData component is the container object for data and settings, the TValueArea component links to this datasource, and displays the graphs and values. Multiple area components can be linked to one data component. Settings are saved in a ini file upon exit.

The structure behind TValueData and TValueArea is as follows:

 A demo is included. TValueArea is written and tested in Delphi 4.


 TEasyReg (download)

TEasyReg is a simple (easy) component to create and verify licensekeys in order to protect unwanted use of your oftware. It does NOT shut down a running program or show nag-screens, it ONLY verifies is a given licensekey is valid, and reveals the information stored within.

This information consists of:

The licensekey is scrambled, and will be tested on the serial number of the first harddisk found in the PC the check routine is running on. This way, a licensekey is practically bound to one PC.

The key is encoded based on an ApplicationID and encoding Sequence (for example '0123456789ABCDEF' for Hex encoding, but any encoding string is fine), to prevent others to generate keys for or decode existing keys from your program.

 A demo is included. TEasyReg is written and tested in Delphi 4.