What is EM

EasyMailer (or EM) is just another e-mail program, in al its simplicity. Its main purpose is making e-mail accessible to non-computer-wizards, for example (young) children. It lacks lots of special, nifty features like HTML preview and attachment handling, for these have nothing to do with it's primary goal: being an Easy Mail program.

EM is freeware.


 System requirements

EM wil run on any Win32 based system, except for Windows 3.x with the Win32s subsystem installed. EM was tested on Windows 98 and XP.

For EM to run smoothly, 1 MB of free RAM is required to operate. As mailboxes grow, memory requirements will increase. A minimum installation consists of a Pentium 90 PC with 48MB RAM and Windows 98, but - as is with allmost all software - faster hardware results in better performance.