What does Janssen Software do

Write software 8-)

  CLM : Command Line Mailer
With CLM : Command Line Mailer one can send e-mails directly from the command prompt. This tool comes in handy when setting up an automated system to send e-mails at predefined times, for example when used in conjunction with the Windows Task scheduler and a backup script.

  LS : LetterSpel (Character game)
Using LS : LetterSpel, a child can learn without effort to recognize words with the same character combinations.

  XLV : Excel Viewer
XLV is a small file-view utility for Microsoft Excel files. Because it does not support macro's, it cannot be harmed by virusses.

  SkipSPAM : Server side SPAM killer
The troubles with spam are widely known. Using SkipSPAM, e-mails are removed from the mail server directly, without downloading them entirely to your computer.

  EM : EasyMailer
EM : EasyMailer is just another e-mail program, in al its simplicity. Its main purpose is making e-mail accessible to non-computer-wizards, for example (young) children.

  Lookup : Snooping host info
Lookup is a tool to retreive information about Internet addresses and IP numbers.

  WinDOS : Windows DOS tools
Small enhancements for use at the Command Prompt or in batch files.

  Components : Delphi components
Some components for Borland Delphi.